Athenian modernism apartment

Client: Private

Area: 145m2

Location: Athens, Greece
Status: Completed
Year: 2020

Renovation in Rigillis street Complete renovation of an apartment focusing on complimenting and upgrading the unique features of Athenian Modernism.

Olon Design Group renovated a 1st floor apartment in a high end Polikatoikia, the archetypal block of apartments in Greece, located on Rigillis Street, in the center of Athens. The main design concern was to compliment and upgrade the unique features of Athenian Modernism, a style that flourished from the early 30s to late 60s. Rigillis Street is an area filled with embassies and the presidential parliament, with the 1st floor apartment overlooking Skouze square.

As you enter the apartment, the entrance hall is set further back into the building, letting the main spaces stretch through the external facade. On your right there is a coat room and a camouflaged door to the secondary service elevator. Towards the facade is the once separate living room and dining rooms, unified by a wooden sliding door with glazing panels. Between the coat room and the living room there is a decorative wooden element that stands as a separator, library and storage space. A stimulus cornice was selected to highlight the classical aspect of the room with the colours further enhancing this feeling while bringing playfulness.

In order to arrive at the other rooms of the apartment one has to pass through the corridor, painted half in the colour of the coat room giving a sense of continuity and the ceiling together with the beams spanning vertically a deep blue petrol in order of hiding them.

The kitchen was kept separated from the dining room so that the apartment could be used as both as an office or as a living unit. Similar colours were used to those in the coat and living rooms, but in a lighter tone due to the lack of incoming natural light

The same pattern of half painted walls was continued throughout the bathrooms, where the floor and half of the height of the wall was covered in traditional polished mortar and filled with subway tiles to the ceiling.
Black was selected for all metal elements including the radiators. The lighting was carefully chosen to match the Athenian modernistic ones where appropriate