Architectural design

We like to take a holistic approach in our design by giving special importance to the users of our spaces and our clients. To achieve a unique user’s experience, we take a human-centric approach in our design. Using technological tools and advanced analyses we optimise the experience of our users in the space we are designing. For the client's side, we like to see the bigger picture and provide them with complementary material regarding the space that we are designing, such as context analysis, business plans, project timescale. As a result, we can achieve better integration of the design, function and experience of our space.

Content creation & UI/UX

Our design office offers comprehensive services in content creation and communication services tailored specifically for EU programs. Focusing on clear and engaging communication strategies ensures that project outcomes reach their intended audience effectively. From crafting compelling narratives to designing visually appealing materials, our team excels in conveying the impact and significance of each initiative. We maximise outreach and engagement by leveraging diverse platforms and channels, including digital media, UI/UX design and interactive presentations. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that project messages resonate globally, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange across borders.

Emerging technologies

3D printing, AI, virtual reality, IoT and other emerging technologies are of basic interest for us. We feel that their increasing accessibility will change our industry and we are enthusiastic about incorporating these technologies in our work. human-centric is why our office is located in a Fab Lab designed by us, in the centre of Athens. This allows us to quickly prototype our ideas, research on new technologies and communicate our ideas with clients and the public. Also, we collaborate with other architects and designers to help them prototype and materialise their designs and we are supporting research in the field of AEC and emerging technologies.

Structural design

In our approach we believe that structural and architectural design are forwarding together as an interconnected process. Our aim is to design structures that are sustainable, efficient and fully integrated with architectural design. Having experience in the field of structural analysis, we use advanced methods and optimization techniques to design efficient structures. As engineering and technology human-centric one of our core strengths, we embrace the latest technological advances in generative design, analysis and building information modelling (BIM) in our workflows to achieve an integrated design between different disciplines.

Environmental analysis

To achieve a successful design, it is really important to understand the experience of a user in the designed space. Qualitative but also quantitative analyses can help us design spaces that take into account many different aspects (sunlight, natural ventilation, energy consumption, circulation, sustainability) of the project. We take an engineering approach of the above topics using state of the art technologies that allow us to optimise our design and communicate better our analysis with the client and the users.