FabLab Anambra_Nigeria

Client: NextFab Foundation
Area: 500m2
Location: Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
Status: Under construction
Year: 2019

Design of the first FabLab in Anambra state, Nigeria

Olon Design group in early 2019, continuing its successful collaboration with NextFab Foundation initiated the design of the first FabLab in Anambra state, Nigeria. Working under the state government of Anambra we begun a detailed context assessment study visiting a series of potential sites for the FabLab, from technical schools to communities spaces within the region of Anambra state.

Through detailed interviews, study groups and questionnaires we recorded the needs of a plethora of potential users from the technical school children to university students or the local manufacturing entrepreneurs and makers community. Based on a series of criteria we choose the city of Awka as the ideal location for the FabLab and initiated the design process where we aimed to transform a large derelict community building to an innovative hub with educational, prototyping and manufacturing spaces. The three main agglomeration of spaces we opted for where an ideation space, a digital lab and a large workshop space. The digital lab will be composed of a 3D printing area, a PC lab space for skill development training and a textile area with a digital embroidery. The main workshops will be a wood workshop, a metal workshop and a large CNC router.

This is the first stage of the FabLab, the surrounding connected spaces that encompass the two courtyards provide it with excellent expansion opportunities and additional spaces to host new startups and communal spaces. The above effort is a pilot project and upon its success the federal government funded by the World bank plans to expand to various locations throughout the country.