Sifnos Boutique hotel_Greece

Client: Private
Area: 3,500 m2
Location: Sifnos, Greece
Status: under construction
Year: 2020

Design of a Boutique hotel

Paying homage to our Cycladic roots we created sun-lit spaces characterized by the island’s distinctive architecture and the
local tradition. The dazzling white villages, the silverish olive trees and azure water are all elements we elevated in bringing
to our visitor an immersive experience, an ode to the soul of the Aegean sea & light.

One of the most important aspects of this project were the 150 olive trees growing across the plot. We incorporated them in our design both for tessellation purposes, using them as natural barriers between courtyards, as well as, for organizing personal gardens and intimate spaces around them.

Considering the interiors, our driving force was to enhance the visual connection between the interior and the natural elements. With a series of indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor spaces we achieved creating a privacy gradient for the user. When being outdoors it was important to give the impression of being detached from the rest of the hotel by framing specific views with the use of stone walls and existing trees.